Magnolia Bluffs Casino & Hotel is proud to sponsor the development of two new full-sized basket ball court and two half size courts to compliment the planned swimming pool and multi-purpose fields in our community through our Magnolia Bluffs Casino community development fund. Our efforts even peaked the interest of retired NBA superstar Dominique Wilkins! Magnolia Bluffs Casino & Hotel is proud to be a proactive member working hard to better our community and make it a safer place for our residents.
Our thoughts are mirrored by Mayor Darryl Grennell stating: “we hope the courts will be part of the city’s mission to save young people.” – The Nachtez Democrat

Our efforts have been picked up by the local news! See the interview (transcribed video) with retired NBA superstar Dominique Wilkins to hear his thoughts about our community development iniative by clicking the “WAPT News” article preview box embedded below!


Dominique Wilkins visits Natchez for groundbreaking ceremony

Click the following button for the full News article mentioning our community development initiative on “The Natchez Democrat”!


Sources: WAPT News, The Natchez Democrat